Private Client Wealth Planning

We believe that wealth protection planning should be an essential component in the development of financial strategies of all who have achieved, or aspire to attain, independent financial success and for those who are fortunate to have inherited family wealth. Modern day financial planning is incomplete without due consideration of wealth protection issues.

The twentieth century has provided unlimited opportunities for wealth creation, both in the developed world and the emerging markets. In many instances that wealth, and the more established European wealth, is now being passed on to the next generations. Unfortunately over the past two decades there has been a progressive escalation of risk factors adversely affecting the creation and retention of wealth.

Unless the proper techniques of wealth protection are applied, much of that wealth will be lost in coming years through the failure of benefactors and their advisors to take the appropriate steps to protect the asset base from a variety of risks and contingencies.

TBA offers a specialised service in wealth protection planning focused primarily around the use of entities based in international finance centres. We assist professionals and their clients to develop appropriate asset protection strategies to preserve wealth. When it is necessary to consider domestic legal issues we work with specialist outside legal counsel.

For clients residing in or investing into countries with highly litigious legal systems or a high level of commercial or political risk, we offer an international wealth protection service provided by our New Zealand and Cook Islands offices.

Family Wealth Planning Services

A key factor in private client wealth planning is the development and management of a plan for the passing of wealth to successive generations. Such a plan will require a consideration of issues such as:

Wealth preservation or asset protection
Inheritance and income tax planning
Management of the ongoing wealth accumulation process
Maintaining harmonious family relationships
Business succession (where applicable)
Family income needs
Philanthropy (if applicable)

Formulating and managing this aspect of the family wealth planning process can be both time consuming and stressful to family members. The Family Wealth concept was originally conceived to serve the needs of the ultra-wealthy European and North American families. Over recent years the concept has expanded to encompass multi-Family Individuals and professional Family Wealth Services.

TBA offers a comprehensive Family Wealth Service to high net worth individuals and families with significant wealth. These services include the development of an overall plan or “blueprint” for the management of family wealth, the creation of the family asset ownership structure, estate and succession planning, co-ordination and supervision of the asset management function, day to day financial administration and compliance, and the formation and management of philanthropic entities.

Frequently the core component of a family office structure is a Private Trust Company.

A Private Trust Company is a corporation formed for the express and sole purpose of acting as the trustee of a specific trust of group of trusts. It does not otherwise carry on business as a trustee company. In the family office context the private trust company forms the nucleus of the family wealth management function. The board of directors of the private trust company will normally comprise both family members and family advisors or professional trustees, as appropriate.

TBA Trust Family Wealth Service includes the formation and management of private trust companies.

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