Registering Your Business
In Washington

Tax Advantages of Washington LLC
For Non-US Residents

The procedure formation of company in Washington is similar to the incorporation process in other states, but not identical.

The most tax advantageous type of company for US-Non Residents of the United States is the Limited Liability Company.

Similar to a Sub Chapter S Corporation for Citizens of the U.S., in a Limited Liability Company, the earnings flow directly to the owners, thereby eliminating Corporate Income Taxes.

A regular corporation would be subject to Federal Corporate Income Tax and State Corporate Income Tax. These combined rates can be as much as 40% of the Profits. Washington requires most businesses to obtain a license and pay a fee if operating in the state. Please check with the state to make sure your business is complying with the license requirements for your particular activity.

Many times forming a Washington LLC allows you to receive some tax benefits that you cannot receive when you form a full-fledged corporation. It’s important to weight the advantages and disadvantages with someone who you can trust. If you find the process overwhelming, you can hire a filing company to do the job for you. This is a great idea if you are filing out of state, or you find the process overwhelming.

If you live outside of the state of Washington, or outside of the country, and you’re thinking about filing for corporate status, you will need to find a Washington registered agent. This is a person or company that is charged with accepting official documents and other correspondence on your behalf in your absence. You can personally employ someone to perform this task, or you can hire a filing company to do the job for you.

During the course of the fiscal year, the Washington Secretary of State may need to contact you regarding all kinds of different business concerns. You will not be granted corporate status until you provide the name and address of your Washington registered agent. This is a safety net required by the state to ensure that you run a responsible and ethical business in the state.

Many time business owners and board members choose to incorporate to protect their individual investments. If you’re a business owner, you know how frightening it can be to face litigation from customers and business partners. When you form a corporation in Washington, you protect you bank accounts and personal property from loss. In exchange for this security, you must provide a Washington registered agent for the processing and servicing of all legal claims against the corporation. One of the best things you can do if you live outside the state of Washington is assign a non-partisan registered agent. This provides you with the additional protection you may need when it comes to defending your business practices in a court of law. Many Washington corporation filing companies offer this service for a nominal fee. This is a great way to take the worry out of official state business. Unlike a personal friend, or business partner, hired agents are paid to perform the simple task of receiving and forwarding all official business.

LLC Tax Exemption for
Non-US Residents


(a) Members are not US citizens or resident in USA;

(b) The company does not sell – generate profits in USA;

The LLC will be a 100% tax exempted company, excellent for your worldwide trading.

Pls note that, nevertheless, and keeping the tax exemption statute, you can always use your LLC to buy any products from the USA.

The minimum requirement to set up a LLC is just One Member and One Manager – same entity can simultaneously take both charges. Both individuals and corporations can be appointed to act as Members and Managers of your LLC. This means that one sole person (you), can be simultaneously the Member and the Manager of the company. No secretary required.

We can incorporate your US LLC at any US State; however, for a general guidance, I will send you the Washington report.

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