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Features and Tax Advantages

Are you aware of the safe and completely discreet tax strategy that offers extraordinary savings in income taxes for companies located outside the United States?

You can benefit from this opportunity to reduce your income taxes significantly. Our U.S. Limited Liability Company (LLC) strategy is an often-overlooked means of delivering an enormous tax advantage. Of course, it must be carefully and appropriately implemented. This strategy is already being successfully used by companies around the world.

We specialize in the formation of U.S. companies to be used in international tax planning strategies. Over the past 7 years, we have helped thousands of foreign companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars. This strategy can significantly increase your income.

This is a unique opportunity for you to offer yourself an effective international tax strategy.

How You Can Benefict by Forming
A Tax-Free U.S. Company

The U.S. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is becoming an essential international tax planning tool through the advantages of “flow-through” taxation. Like a U.S. corporation, the LLC provides protection from liability, but for tax purposes it is treated like a partnership. This means the LLC itself pays no income tax. Instead, all income and expenses “flow” directly to the owners.

By forming and using a U.S. LLC in conjunction with an offshore company, you can combine the best of both the onshore and offshore worlds. A carefully LLC will enable you to avoid the increased scrutiny of offshore companies and gain the acceptability of a U.S. company with the tax advantages of an offshore company.

How Does it Work?

For a U.S. LLC to be tax free in the United States, the LLC must meet the following requirements: it must have no income or expenses in the U.S. and it must be owned by a foreign company or by a non-U.S. citizen who lives outside the U.S.

Once established, you do business with your U.S. company counterpart by receiving invoices from and making payments to the U.S. Company. The U.S. LLC, in turn, deposits the funds in its bank account. The money is transferred to your offshore company’s bank account. You can then spend or invest the money tax free.

We have implemented our unique approaches for helping foreign companies achieve tax advantages for the past 9 years.

Our services include all of the necessary elements to form your U.S. LLC and maximize your success by creating a “believable image” that will avoid the scrutiny of tax authorities.

Atrium Advantage

Atrium has several key elements that will ensure your success. Our strategies are built on sound legal advice from leading U.S. tax attorneys. We have extensive experience in company formation and U.S. tax law. We work directly with tax and financial professionals, never with taxpayers. And finally, we have a proven ability to take you through the process of creating a “believable image” with a Virtual Office that includes mail, phone and fax forwarding and professional business identity packages.

General LLC Benefits

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) offers the same asset protection as a corporation in Delaware and almost every other state. If you sign agreements in the name of the LLC, then the LLC is the responsible party on the agreement, not you as an individual owner.

If the business is not successful, or if it incurs a large unexpected debt (which you did not personally guarantee or sign for) then your other personal assets (like home, auto, investments, etc) are protected from the LLC creditors.

In order to have the asset protection benefits of an LLC, especially a sole member LLC, the owner must observe the formalities and operate the business as an LLC. .

The financial and tax advantages of Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) have been put to other specialized uses. Learn more about the Advantages of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). LLC Operating Agreement Along with your articles of organization. With all the benefits of a corporation and a partnership, it’s no wonder limited liability companies are taking flight nationwide. You’ve heard about limited liability companies (LLC’s) for years, but you decided to go with a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. Maybe you didn’t know what an LLC was; maybe it wasn’t even allowed in your state until recently. But now that this form of doing business is experiencing increasing popularity and widespread acceptance, it’s time to take another look. A subchapter S corporation offers the same tax advantages as a partnership, with income flowing through to the owners.

Case Study
International Importer/Exporter

The Problem

At the beginning of this year we were approached by a tax advisor in the UK.
One aspect of this client’s business was buying blankets and other items in Brazil and selling them in various countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

The client’s income before taxes was well over $200,000 last year and was expected to grow significantly this year. Since all of this trade was taking place outside of his home country, he thought this would give him the opportunity to shift all or a portion of the activities to a low-tax jurisdiction.

The Solution

Working with European tax advisors, Atrium Incorporators helped establish a logistics management and billing company (LLC) in the U.S. to oversee the purchasing of goods in Brazil and their shipment in Europe.

Next, the U.S. LLC began sending purchase orders to the client’s suppliers in Brazil. The goods were then shipped directly to his customers in Central and Eastern Europe and the U.S. Company sent invoices to these customers.

Customers sent payments to the U.S. Company, which deposited them in its California bank account. The U.S. Company paid the Brazilian vendors.

The Bottom Line

The client was able to run this part of his trading business without paying any taxes.

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