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We can incorporate your LLC (Limited Liability Company) in any of the US 50 States at your option.
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Type of Company LLC
Political Stability Excellent
Common or Civil Law Common
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner No
Recommended States Delaware, Florida, Wyoming,
Oregon, New Jersey, New
York, Arkansas, Washington DC, Nevada and Oklahoma
Migration of Domicile Permitted Generally yes but within USA only
Tax on Offshore Profits Nil for non-resident business, but see
section on tax

Corporate Requirements

Minimum Number of Members 1
Minimum Number of Managers 1
Bearer Shares Allowed N/A
Corporate Managers Permitted Yes
Company Secretary Required N/A
Standard Authorized Capital N/A
Maximum Duration As described in Articles or

Local Requirements

Registered Office/Agent Yes
Company Secretary N/A
Local Directors No
Local Meetings No
Government Register of Directors / Managers No
Government Register of Shareholders /Members No

Annual Requirements

Annual Return No
Submit Accounts No, but see section on tax

Recurring Government Costs

Minimum Annual Tax/License Fee Varies
Annual Return Filing Fee Varies


The United States LLC is not a partnership or a corporation. It is a distinct business entity that offers an alternative to partnerships and corporations by combining the corporate advantages of limited liability with the partnership advantage of pass-through taxation. US LLCs with non-resident members and which conduct no business in the US and which have no US-source income are not subject to US federal income tax and are not
required to file a US income tax return. US LLCs are popular vehicles for conducting international business.

Procedure to Form

Filing of Articles of Organization or Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State in the preferred state of formation.

Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents

English. If any other language is used it must be accompanied by a translation in English.

Registered Office Required

Yes. Must be maintained in state of incorporation/formation at the office of a professional registered agent.

Shelf Companies Available

Yes, for recommended states.

Time to Incorporate/Form

Generally 2 days, but must allow an additional 5 – 7 business days for delivery of documentation.

Name Restrictions

Anything identical or similar to an existing company within the state of formation. Additionally, the use of bank, trust, insurance or reinsurance within the name of the LLC is generally prohibited in all 50 states. This is because limited liability companies in most states are simply not allowed to engage in a banking or insurance business.

Language of Name

The name can be in any language. Some recommended states require an English translation.

Suffixes to Denote Corporation

Limited Liability Company and Limited Company or their abbreviations LLC or LC.

US Federal Taxation

US Limited Liability companies structured for partnership tax treatment with non-resident members and which
Conduct no business in the US and which have no US source income is not subject to US federal income tax
and are not required to file a US income tax return.

State Taxation

US limited liability companies that conduct no business in the recommended states of formation with non-resident members are generally not subject to state income tax and are not required to file a state income tax return.

Annual Report/License Fees

Of the states recommended, there is either a minimum or a “flat” annual report or license fee.

Financial Statements

There is generally no requirement to file financial statements with the state of formation unless the corporation owns assets within that state or has conducted business within that state.


Normally one.


Normally one.

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