brexit 1 Brexit will significantly impact businesses based in the UK, especially those that trade with the EU.

Following the results of the referendum referring to the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU), many investors have expressed their wish to relocate their UK businesses.

The businessmen are taking into consideration to proceed to this action as the conditions that are generally applicable in the EU will no longer be accessible to them, which will raise the level of taxation and that will cut the access to various grants or incentives.

And the two and strongest options in mind, currently are the Republic of Ireland and The Netherlands.


Republic of Ireland

A location that can provide many business opportunities and still keep the regulations applicable in EU is Ireland and businessmen who want to set up a company here can receive assistance on how to relocate a business from our team of Irish company formation specialists.

One of the most important reasons which attract foreign investors in Ireland is the taxation system. Irish authorities apply one of the smallest corporate taxes available in the EU area, which is imposed at the rate of 12,5%.

Moreover, Ireland has signed over 70 treaties for the avoidance of double taxation. Companies that are tax residents of the countries with which Ireland signed such agreements can benefit from the stipulations of the treaties.

Many of the world’s largest companies have chosen Ireland as a residence for their business because of the country’s pro-business environment. This includes internet and communication technology, pharmaceutics, life science and financial services, amongst several others.

Ireland created many incentives available to both local and international start-up companies. Moreover, Ireland provides a start-up Programme, the Enterprise Ireland International Start-up Fund, which was created in 2011 to sustain these types of companies that have a great economic potential.

The investors, who consider that their business may be affected by Brexit, have a few other business-friendly jurisdictions to be considered, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Malta.

Let us consider their specific advantages

The Netherlands

The investors, who consider that their business may be affected by Brexit, do have a few important reasons why foreign investors choose the Netherlands for opening a company: low corporate tax rate, tax-free investment companies, double taxation agreements with a wide range of countries, tax incentives, no restrictions for foreign-owned companies that want to start a business in the Netherlands.

The Maltese Commercial Law provides for company domiciliation; one of the unique features of the Maltese Company Act is that it was amended so it offers companies in an EU country to migrate their businesses to this country. With the UK staying in the EU for the next two years, company domiciliation to Malta should be easy at the moment.

Malta has enabled several residence programs for investors. During the last few years, Malta enabled various programs which allow foreign investors to take up residence here if some conditions are met. These programs are very advantageous and also provide for good investment opportunities.

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