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Basic Package

The cheapest option – Our Companies Basic Package gives you a company formed to the same standard, and with the same documents, as you would get direct from the government. All corporate documents to be delivered to you in digital format.

Services you may require:

Should you wish to contract our local registered office address, our corporate management to keep your company in good standing at all times, being sure all legal and official annual filings and fees are always processed and paid in due time or should you need any set of certified, notarised and/or apostilled documents, … kindly Contact Us to enquiry about our Optional Services.

Unlike any Registrar, we also provide a free business consultancy support, accountancy, virtual office services including local telephone and fax lines, with all calls directly diverted to your own number overseas, to enable you to take all your calls on real-time, nominee shareholder and nominee director services, and lots more.