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Please read the following carefully before placing your order.

We will send you a copy of the below for your records once you have placed your order

You receive a free UK company from us.
It comes with the first year nominee services (director and shareholder) and Company Management &
Compliance Services to keep the Company in perfect compliance with all legal requirements, paid up front by us.
Nominees are entities and people who appear on the public register to keep your identity confidential.
That’s free, gratis and for nothing.
All you have to pay for is the first year registered office.
We believe that a client relationship is for the long-term.
We are certain that you will be so impressed with the quality and professionalism of our service and aftercare that you will choose to work with us again and again.
In fact, we are so sure of this that we have decided to put our money where our mouth is, by offering 500 UK companies to our new clients on a first-come-first-served basis.
Absolutely not. In fact we don’t retain your card details and couldn’t charge you again, even if we wanted to.
You decide if you want to continue working with us or renew your company.
If not then you can just stop with no further charges.
That’s fine.
We’re offering this free UK Company without any obligation from you. All you have to do is pay for the first year registered office (£120) when you buy the company.
We are completely confident you will be so blown away by our professionalism that you will choose to continue working with us. But if, for any reason, this is not the case we fully understand.

We offer all kinds of additional services and promotions that might interest you however the most relevant costs are the renewal fees for the second year (if you choose to renew).

The costs are as follows:

Registered office: £ 120
Nominee shareholder services (*) £ 150
Nominee director services (*) £ 250
First year Company Management &
Compliance Services, including of
Obligatory filing of Annual Return and
Filing of Annual Dormant Accounts
(DCA Accounts)(**)
£ 150

* This prevents your name from appearing on the public registers, providing you a high degree of anonymity and confidentiality
** Corporate Management and Compliance Service fees:

Under the Companies Law all companies must maintain a physical presence on the Jurisdiction via a registered office. At Atrium we view this an integral part in the efficient and effective administration of a Company and as a consequence we have built up an experienced team of professionals and robust IT support infrastructure in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

They do include following services:
Attending to the payment of the Annual Government License Fees and other government fees;
Submission of the company annual return to the Local Registrar;
Maintenance of the statutory records of the company including the Register of Directors, the Register of Members and the Register of Mortgages & Charges;
Attending to routine compliance matters (inclusive of periodic file reviews), reviewing official correspondence received and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance;
Provision of ad-hoc services as requested from time to time by our clients, such as the provision of certificates of incumbency or certificates of good standing;
Filing of Statutory documents;
Company Searches;
Legalisation of documents;
Regular client updates and memo’s on Local regulatory developments.

What When I Order?

Yes absolutely, we will send you all the corporate documents as soon as we receive your due diligence (passport copy and utility bill) so that you might be appointed as signatory and be granted full power and owners’ rights.

Here are the steps:

1) When you place your order you will get to choose from our list of pre-registered companies.

2) Within 24 hours (usually much faster) you will receive the company number and confirmation that you have reserved it. At this point it will be removed from our shelf-list and nobody else will be able to buy that company. You can safely use the company name, order letterhead, print business cards, buy domains etc.

3) Please note that we are required by law to collect some “due-diligence” documents (passport, proof of address, brief CV) before we can formally transfer the company to you. We call this process “activating” the company.

You need to provide us with the due diligence documents (passport, proof of address, brief CV or résumé).

We need a certified copy of your passport, a certified copy of a proof of address such as a utility bill from the last three months and a brief CV).

No, most UK companies are used by non-UK residents so it’s fine whether or not you have an address in the UK.

However, if you do have your own address in the UK and you want to use that address instead of ours then you can do so but you must pay a fee of £ 150 to change the registered office address.

More Information

The UK corporation tax rate is 21%.

There are, however, various tax transparent vehicles in the UK which can operate as full tax exempted vehicles.

If you are interested in finding out more about this please let us know.


A UK company offers many benefits (such as the excellent reputation of the United Kingdom, and the strength and flexibility of the English legal system) but, used on its own, tax benefit is not one of these.

Although the nominees keep the identity of the client secret it does not confer any legitimate tax benefit or deferral.

There are complementary products which can be used in conjunction with the UK Company (for example, holding structures or agency agreements) which may offer legitimate tax benefits and deferral.

If you are interested in discussing these options please feel free to contact us by email on

Yes, that’s fine, but we charge a fee of £ 150 to change the registered office.

We will do our best to remind you and we will make every effort to contact you but if, after 30 days, we can’t get in touch and you haven’t activated your company then we will not be able to transfer the company to you.

In this case the ownership and control of the company will revert to us and we reserve the right to put it back on our shelf-list (and sell it to another client).

This doesn’t mean that we will cancel your order if you haven’t completed due diligence and activated your company within 30 days, it just means that you need to contact us in some way in those 30 days. It’s fine if the due diligence / activation process takes longer than that.

If you fail to contact us at all and reclaim the company, or if you do not renew your company, you will not be entitled to any refund and your company may be resold to another client.

Yes, we charge a fee of £ 120 to change the company name.

No. One of the conditions of this special offer is that we do not offer any refunds in any circumstances.

Please make absolutely certain that you want a UK company before making payment.


What Do I Get?

A Free UK Company

First year nominee Shareholder

First year nominee Director

First year Management &
Compliance services

Bank Account

You only pay for first year registered office (£120)

Order Now!

Benefits of a UK Company

Leading financial services destination (London is second only to New York globally).

Highly stable economy. Excellent for asset protection.

Excellent reputation and commercial legal system based on principles of fairness.Member of the European Union.

Tax transparent vehicles available* (so no UK corporation tax).

Strong work ethic and culture of customer service.

No requirements for any local presence in the UK, and no need to visit.> Time zone ideal for trading on all major world exchanges.

Suitable for both holding and trading.

Not blacklisted anywhere.

Huge network of trade agreements.

Should you have any question or matter
You would like to discuss or clarify with us


Should you like to receive further Information
About our services and fees,…

Our multi-lingual team of business advisors is happy to assist you with all upcoming questions and issues in relation to your application.

You may call or email us, and we will be happy to assist you in a fast and efficient manner.

You can also come and visit our offices to discuss issues face to face if you prefer. Just arrange an appointment and we will be happy to meet with you.

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