New Zealand Authorized Financial Activities

Below is the list of New Zealand Authorized Financial Activities that an FSP can legally engage in activities and offer services such as, amongst others

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Authorized Financial Activities
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Authorized Financial Activities of a New Zealand FSP Company

Deposit Taking;
Keeping, investing and managing money, securities and investment portfolios on behalf of third parties;
Providing credit under a credit contract;
Operating a money or value transfer service;
Issuing and managing means of payment;
Giving financial guarantees;
Changing foreign currency;
Entering into or trading on an exchange, in an over-the-counter market or otherwise, the following on behalf of another person;
Money market instruments (including cheques, bills, certificates of deposits);
Foreign exchange (including forward foreign exchange contracts);
Derivative products including, but not limited to, futures and options;
Exchange rate and interest rate instruments, including products such as swaps and forward rule agreements;
Transferable securities;
Other negotiable instruments and financial assets;


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