Revenue Jersey has released guidance for taxpayers filing online for the first time, ahead of the July 31, 2020, filing deadline.

Taxpayers intending to file their tax return online must activate a onegov account and set up a digital ID using Yoti, which requires a smartphone and passport. Revenue Jersey has released guidance explaining these processes, as well as a video.

Comptroller of Revenue Richard Summersgill said: “Account activation includes checking that the information in a person’s digital ID matches the details the Government holds for them. If this information doesn’t match (for example, if a middle name is missing) we need to carry out additional security checks before the onegov account can be activated. These checks can take a few days to complete and lead to a delay in filing online, which is subject to a late filing penalty.”

Revenue Jersey said that some taxpayers may have missed the paper filing deadline but may not have a smartphone and passport required to complete the process online. It advised these taxpayers to submit their return on paper as soon as possible. Appeals against late filing penalties will be considered on a case-by-case basis, it said.