Incorporating in Switzerland

Advantages to Register Company in

Highly credible business location
Favourable income tax rulings can be negotiated
Reasonable formation and maintenance fees
Bearer shares can be issued
Minimal ongoing compliance requirements
Shareholder(s) can be individuals or companies
Minimum of one Director
No information required by the authorities prior to incorporation
No restrictions on where company meetings can be held
Public & private companies can be incorporated
Incorporation available in every Canton
Ready-made companies available

Setting Up a Corporation in Switzerland

General Information

The country is a federal republic and is officially known as the Swiss Confederation. The total area is 41,295 sq km. Switzerland is divided in to 26 Cantons and every Canton and every community has a different taxation system.


The total estimated population is 7.3 million

Political Structure

The two dominant principles of the Swiss Constitution of 1874 are federalism and democracy. The Constitution provides that the Cantons shall exercise all powers of government not delegated to the Federal Government. The three major sectors of the Swiss National government are the Federal Council, the Federal Assembly and the Federal Tribunal. The executive body is the seven-man collegiate Federal Council, which is elected for a four-year term by the national legislature.

Infrastructure and Economy

Switzerland has a prosperous and stable modern economy with a per capita GDP approximately 10% higher than other Western European countries.


Switzerland is one of the most multilingual countries in Europe. German, French, Italian and Romansh, a Rhaeto-Romance offshoot of Latin, are the official languages in Switzerland.


Swiss Franc (CHF)

Exchange Control


Type of Law

Civil Law.

Principal Corporate Legislation

Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht (Swiss Code of Obligations). Bundesgesetz über Schuldbetreibung und Konkurs (Swiss Federal law on Debt Collection and Bankruptcy). Bundesgesetz über die direkte Bundessteuer (Federal Law on Direct Taxation).

Bundesgesetz über die Banken und Sparkassen (Swiss Federal Act on Banks and Savings Associations). Bundesgesetz über die Anlagefonds (Federal Act on open ended Investment Companies). Bundesgesetz über die Internationale Privatrecht (Federal Act on Private International Law).

Type of Company for International Trade and Investment

Aktiengesellschaft (AG) or Société Anonyme (SA) – Stock Company

Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents

Swiss official languages and English in a few Cantons, but foreign language translations can be obtained.

Registered Office Required


Shelf Companies Available

Owing to the costs associated with incorporation and the paid up share capital requirements, shelf companies are rare.

Name Restrictions

A name that is identical or similar to an existing name. A major name that is known to exist elsewhere. A name that may imply government patronage. A name that in the opinion of the Registrar may be considered undesirable.

Language of name

The name of a body corporate may use any language using the Latin alphabet.

Names Requiring Consent or Licence

Bank, building society, savings, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, investment fund, Switzerland, state, country, municipality, principality, Red Cross and their foreign language equivalents.

Suffixes to Denote Limited Liability

Aktiengesellschaft – AG or Société Anonyme – SA or Limited – Ltd.

Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Government Authorities


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