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Advantages to Incorporate in Florida
A Tax Haven for non-US Residents

Let me first underline this taxation issue in USA, once you are interested to move forward with a US LLC Company in Florida.

People in the U.S. are familiar with Florida as the home to most large US companies. But many people don’t realize that the U.S. has become one of the world’s most attractive jurisdictions for non-U.S. citizens. The reason is the FLORIDA Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The LLC is a unique type of Company. Similar to a European “limited Company”, it is in some ways a corporation and in others a limited partnership. A FLORIDA LLC is totally disregarded for income tax purposes by US tax authorities.

A Florida LLC pays only one “tax”: the $150 per year Florida franchise tax.

An LLC’s profits “pass through” to the individual owner. For Americans who file a personal US tax return, these profits are added to their ordinary income and taxed at the individual rate. The advantage for non-Americans who do not file a U.S. tax return is that the LLC’s profits pass through to LLC’s owner but the income is not taxed by the U.S… Of course, if you feel it is necessary to report the LLC’s income in your home country, you are able to do so. However, ownership in a Florida LLC is completely private and is never disclosed, not even to the state of Florida.

For many types of businesses, incorporating in the owner’s home state or country makes sense. An internet business is different. Because your storefront is accessible to people all over the world, there is no fixed location where you are “doing business”. You may live in New Jersey. But, your website is hosted in California, your bank is in New York and your customers are all over the world.

When you incorporate in Florida, you protect your status as a borderless Company. You pay no Florida because you do not operate in Florida. You are simply registered there. You are not liable for corporate taxes in your home state because you are not registered there as “doing business”. Your corporation pays only Federal income taxes or, in the case of a Florida LLC, no income taxes at all.

With a Florida corporation or LLC, your business address can be anywhere in the world, or nowhere at all. The state of Florida does not require your address. It also isn’t interested in the names and addresses of your Company’s shareholders, officers or directors. The only address that we require is a shipping address where we can send your Company documents and subsequent franchise tax notices. Our address becomes your Company’s “registered office” in Florida, and we forward to you all official correspondence relating to your business.


– Your name and address are not publicly disclosed.
– Your home and business addresses are not made public.
– Ownership is not public information.
– There is no publicly searchable database for Company management or ownership.

Tax Savings

– A Florida LLC is tax-free, except for a $150 annual franchise tax.
– There is no sales tax in Florida.
– There is no state corporate income tax for Floridacompanies that do not operate within the state.
– There are no Floridacapital shares or stock transfer taxes.
– There is no state inheritance tax on stock held by non-residents of Florida.

Protection from Lawsuits

– A Floridadirector shield law protects you from personal liability in connection with the actions of your Company.
– There is a long-established body of laws that protects Floridacompanies and lets them focus on doing business, rather than fighting expensive lawsuits.
– Unlike any other state, Floridahas a separate court system, the Court of Chancery, to resolve legal disputes inexpensively.
– If you are ever sued in Florida, your registered agent serves as a buffer, accepting service of process on behalf of the Company.
– Because Company ownership and management is not public information, it is difficult for creditors and litigators to “pierce the corporate veil”.


– A FLORIDA corporation or LLC can be headquartered anywhere in the world.
– One individual can be the stockholder, director and hold all the executive offices.
– You need not have a Floridaoffice address aside from that of your registered agent.
– Company records do not need to be kept in Florida.
– Stock can be transferred instantly and privately, without filing a public notice.
– You do not have to be a US citizen to form a regular Florida”C” corporation or LLC.
– You can form your Company without coming to Floridausing our firm’s services.
– There is no minimum investment to form a Floridacorporation or LLC.


– Different kinds of businesses can be transacted under one corporate roof.
– Your Company can own real estate or personal property anywhere in the world.
– Unlike most other states, corporations can easily be converted into LLC’s and vice versa.

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