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Denmark has become a popular choice for businesspeople seeking about where to set up their business . One of the reasons for this popularity has to do with the many benefits offered to those who want to start a business in Denmark.

Denmark benefits many business owners seeking incorporation in this jurisdiction because Denmark has a very high standard of living. A jurisdiction with a strong and healthy economy typically attracts more offshore investors looking to benefit financially, and Denmark is certainly a region that can bolster this strategy for businesses.

Moreover, Denmark is a very friendly place for foreign investors to contribute, as the government encourages foreign money to be brought into the country by providing various incentives such as grants, loans, and tax reductions for offshore corporations.

Benefits of Incorporating in Denmark

Denmark offers several benefits to the business owners who choose to incorporate in Denmark, such as:

  • An affordable and efficient incorporation process, allowing for business owners to not only incorporate quickly but to save money when completing the process.
  • A fast registration protocol to speed up the process for the businesspeople choosing to incorporate in Denmark.
  • Another benefit for the people choosing to incorporate in Denmark that there is not a residency requirement when setting up a corporation in Denmark. This fact means the CEO and board of directors can live anywhere in the world.
  • Notarized deeds are not necessary for incorporation in Denmark, adding greater simplicity to the process.
  • The registration language requirements in Denmark do allow for some of the documents to be written in English, making things much easier for United States, United Kingdom, Canadian Australian and New Zealand investors to incorporate.
  • Company dividends are allowed to be distributed on an interim basis, granting the offshore owner of the corporation more freedom and flexibility.
  • Denmark’s company law follows EU legislation, making this an extremely and legitimate jurisdiction in which to incorporate.
  • When compared to other jurisdictions a foreign businessperson might seek out to incorporate, Denmark offers many tax-effective laws that help corporations.
  • Denmark operates as a centre for other Nordic and European corporate activities. This fact means that a people may use the establishment of a Danish subsidiary to then create a branch in another regional country connected to Denmark.
  • A corporation formed in Denmark can legally operate as a headquarters or holding company, allowing the business to engage in other Nordic or European business opportunities.

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TBA provides effective and individualized corporate services. We can help you to manage your Danish company’s statutory secretarial needs and assist in securing your company´s compliance with legal and administrative requirements in Denmark.

TBA can act as your single point of contact in Denmark, coordinating the correspondence between the auditors, lawyers, authorities and financial institutions etc.

We can provide you with all administrative services such as:

Business name registration
Maintenance of statutory registers and other formal documentation
Registered office address/ Domiciliation and keeping of mandatory company files
Opening bank accounts
Annual Reports
Payroll administration
Preparation, attending and/or drafting minutes of annual general meetings, board meetings and other meetings
Preparation and execution of resolutions
Preparation and filing forms for any changes in your company
Handling all incoming and outgoing correspondence
General corporate/legal assistance
Ad hoc tasks

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