Cryptocurrency Exchange License

The Republic of Vanuatu is an ideal location for promoters of Cryptocurrency businesses. Vanuatu offers a Financial Dealers License which covers all related cryptocurrency trading activity, including establishing a cryptocurrency exchange suitable for both utility and security tokens. The Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License is recognized world-wide and many top cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming licensed in Vanuatu. In addition, the process of obtaining a license is both cost effective and can be accomplished quickly.

Digital Asset Legislation Brings Opportunity for Vanuatu

For Vanuatu, the future of financial services has just begun by means of a recent amendment formalising the use of digital assets for licensed financial dealers. This new legislation on Financial Dealers Licensing, allows now for the “service of distribution, secondary trading, custodial storage, provision of investment advice or other services in relation to digital assets.” Digital assets rely on a distributed, secure ledger, such as blockchain technology, and can be used to represent land, stocks, or other traditional commodities, but their most widespread use comes from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The resulting legislation works to expand the possibilities for licensed companies in Vanuatu as well as to bring forth a new avenue of sustainable economic growth.

The exchange receiving the license is DSTOQ and it has just been launched July 2021 and it describes itself as “the first fully licensed stock exchange for trading security tokens and investing in real-world assets using cryptocurrencies.”

While the legislation works to help the global community move in step with the country’s development, one key addition is that it has also made operating in Vanuatu more accessible to foreign licensed financial dealers.

International companies can now nominate a representative on the ground in Vanuatu – one way being through TBA – to satisfy the requirements of the law. As such, companies are able to continue to conduct business from afar while maintaining meaningful representation in the country, thus allowing them to make the most of the continued opportunities in the investment and financial services world coming to Vanuatu.

Advantages of a Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License

The streamlined and cost-effective process in obtaining a Vanuatu cryptocurrency license can place you in this lucrative market in as little as three months.

With increasingly complex cryptocurrency regulation in leading economic nations such as the United States and European Union, Vanuatu offers a cost-effective, risk free alternative for starting a licensed cryptocurrency exchange or broker-dealer.

Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License at a Glance

License Financial Dealers License
Time to Get Licensed 3 months approx.
Capital Requirement Approx. $45,000
Tax Structure Zero (0%) Percent Tax on Offshore Profits

Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License Package

Incorporation of Vanuatu offshore corporation
Taking care to arrange for local registered officer and local directors, if required
Draft corporate bylaws, minutes, and owner share issuances
Establishment of corporate bank account suitable for cryptocurrency exchange operations
Draft requisite business plan, financial statements, and financial projections
Draft requisite Anti-Money Laundering & Know-Your-Customer policies
Arrange for requisite surety bond
Prepare and process application for Vanuatu Financial Dealers License
Representation before licensing regulatory authority, banks and liquidity providers

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