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Costa Rica is the Mecca of on-line casinos because it has the best infrastructure available in the Caribbean based in its reliable telecommunication system, its multilingual workers, and its lack of on-line gaming and Internet regulations.

How Online Casinos Are Doing Business in Costa Rica

On-line casinos are gaming web sites where visitors can play casino games and place bets on sports, celebrities’ behaviours, lotteries, and/or relatively anything. Some of the on-line casinos assist their clients over the telephone or e-mail to handle quality assurance.

As of 2000 there were approximately 125 businesses managing on-line casinos from servers based in Costa Rica. It is difficult to determine how many gaming ventures are in Costa Rica since on-line casinos are registered as technology corporations, and not as on-line casinos.

On-line Casinos based on severs in Costa Rica are free to do almost anything they want over the Internet as long as they ensure that Citizens of Costa Rica or legal permanent re

  • Can host any type of gaming games
    • Can encourage visitors to place bets on activities or events over the Internet
    • Do not pay taxes on revenues generated by the gaming business
    • Cannot be held liable for not fulfilling their representations to their customers.

They can do all of the above because

  • There are no Internet activity regulations
  • No Citizens and Legal permanent residents of Costa Rica access their servers to participate in their games or bets
  • All transactions are performed through an offshore bank account

Setting Up Your Online Gaming Casino

First, create a corporation in Costa Rica that will provide one of the following services: network administration, or intranet administration.

Second, find a place in Costa Rica that you can set up your office, hire the necessary personnel, and manage your web site from Costa Rica as any other business in the Internet industry.

Third, block all the IP addresses located in Costa Rica to abide by the law and ensure that no citizen or legal permanent resident of Costa Rica connects to a server in Costa Rica to place a bet with your on-line casino.

Forth, open an offshore bank account. Bahamas, Antigua, or countries in the Caribbean are the most logical places for offshore banking so that you can make your transactions outside of Costa Rica. Financial activities will be conducted through these accounts.

Legal Concerns
Are Online Casinos
Doing Somethings Illegal in Costa Rica?

On-line casinos are not committing a crime under Costa Rican law either by hosting their servers with restricted access in Costa Rica, or by calling/e-mailing their customers overseas to ensure accurate transactions and enhance their customer services for the following reasons:

  1. No Costa Rican citizens who live in Costa Rica can place a bet on the on-line Casino
  1. The games or subjects of bets do not take place physically in Costa Rica
  1. On-line Casino transactions take place in another country, not in Costa Rica.
  1. Technically speaking, what on-line casinos do in Costa Rica is to manage their software to ensure that their transactions are properly assessed and enhance their customer services.
  1. It is not a crime to call overseas to assist on a bet according to Costa Rica law, and therefore, it is irrelevant whether or not gaming is illegal in the country where the Casino is calling to assist on a bet.

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