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Most Canadian provinces have residency restrictions for the board of directors. We do not provide nominee director services, however we can provide incorporation services in provinces which do not have residency restrictions; those provinces are British Columbia and New Brunswick. Companies incorporated in any of those two provinces can then be registered to do business in other provinces as well.

Branch office registration is also available to you in any Canadian province, and you would not need to have a resident Canadian as a director.

For a quotation on branch office registration, please advise of the specific province in which you intend to establish the branch.

Advantage of British Columbia Incorporation

Highly prestigious Canadian legal entity

No restrictions on the residency of directors, officers and shareholders

Availability of one-man corporation, when one individual is a sole shareholder, director, president, secretary and treasurer of the corporation

No requirements of a minimum authorized capital. Corporation is authorized to issue any number of common shares without par value

No restrictions on issued capital. Corporation is able to issue any number of shares for any consideration

No withholding tax on director’s fees and salaries paid to non-resident directors, officers and employees, when they work outside of Canada

Corporation pays corporate income tax on net profit. All business expenses are deducted before taxes..

Common Use of British Columbia Incorporation

For serving of customers located in Canada, US, EU and other highly regulated jurisdictions

For conducting business in all highly regulated jurisdictions, where business transactions with offshore companies are restricted or prohibited

For purchase of property in Canada

For purchase of businesses in Canada

For building of a credit history in Canada

For planning of business immigration to Canada.

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Subsidiary incorporation in the Provinces of British Columbia

Basic Information

A minimum of one shareholder/officer is required, and there are no restrictions on the authorized or issued capital. Shares are normally issued at no par value, and none of the listed jurisdictions has a share issuance tax. Government license fees, other than the incorporation fees, are dependent upon your specific line of business, and jurisdiction of operation. Some provinces have municipal business license requirements, and certain regulated industries require provincial or federal licensing as well.