Financial Service Providers

TBA & Associates is an experienced and regulated Corporate Services Provider, with wide experience in most relevant jurisdictions across the globe.

Our focus on the area of Asset Management, Forex, FSP, EMI, Crypto and Investment Funds companies has strengthened our experience to select and propose the jurisdiction that most suit our client’s business needs.

With in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction, our professional team has been highly successfully helping customers creating and managing their own business companies worldwide.

The experts at TBA will guide you on the most appropriate jurisdiction for the set-up of your FSP Company.

Setting up your financial entity is only the first step, while we continue with ongoing support and maintenance, to ensure you remain licensed and full compliant to all Regulator’s requirements.

Where TBA can successfully
Get your Financial Services Company Licensed
Some of the Most Relevant
Financial Centres


Virtual Assets Service Provider

Estonia Crypto Exchange and Wallet Service Provider License
Ireland Cryptocurrency Trade
Isle of Man Designated Business Cryptocurrency
Lithuania Crypto Exchange & Wallet License
New Zealand Cryptocurrency Trade License
Singapore Cryptocurrency & ICO License

Electronic Money Institution

Canada – Money Services Business (MSB)
Ireland – Electronic Money Institution – EMI License
Lithuania EMI License
New Zealand EMI and Payment Services Provider License
Singapore – EMI and Payment Services Provider License (PSP)

Foreign Exchange Money Brokers

Labuan Money Broker License
Mauritius Investment Dealer Broker License
Seychelles Securities Dealer License (SDL) License
Vanuatu – Binary Options and FX Brokers

Private Funds

BVI Private Hedge Funds
Panama Private Investment Funds
UK Private Fund (PFLP)

Private Asset Management Company

Luxembourg – Société de Gestion de Patrimoine Financier (SPF)

Financial Service provider (FSP)

Cyprus Investment Company (CIF)
New Zealand Cryptocurrency Trade License

TBA services

Our company has been serving customers all over the world. We continue to help you to overcome the challenges of regulations and the daily problems that may occur with financial supervisors.

Start or increase your business in a regulated offshore or onshore environment and attract new customers with trust building permissions to conduct your business.

We have been working diligently to earn our clients’ trust. Unlike many offshore incorporators, TBA developed legal solutions tailored to the needs of the financial industry. As your business grows, you can depend on TBA to provide you with up-to-date expert advice and strategic offshore solutions geared to your success.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any question or matter you would like or need to discuss with us.

We believe our clients deserve our ongoing support as an integral part of their relationship with us. We provide all our clients with quality service and superior client support.

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Our multi-lingual team of business advisors is happy to assist you with all upcoming questions and issues in relation to your application.

You may call or email us, and we will be happy to assist you in a fast and efficient manner.

You can also come and visit our offices to discuss issues face to face if you prefer. Just arrange an appointment and we will be happy to meet with you.

Licensing Services
Our Company Services
Services we DO and Services we DO NOT DO

Our company is EXCLUSIVELY engaged in assisting worldwide clients, either individuals or corporate entities, to get duly and properly registered and licensed with local Regulators and Financial Authorities to get respective official licenses to legally carry out their cryptocurrency business activities.

TBA & Associates Tax Business Advisors does not carry out any sort of Cryptocurrency Business Trade