Setting up your business in
the Republic of Ireland

Advantages to Register in Ireland

With a limited company in Ireland, you can avail of the following advantages:

  1. easily trade services and/or products within Europe.
  2. benefit from low corporate tax rate, a network of double tax treaties and other tax incentives.
  3. be part of a thriving entrepreneurial community.
  4. avail of an English speaking educated mobile workforce.
  5. benefit from pro-business state and semi-state initiatives to support start-ups in Ireland with practical and financial assistance.

Other Advantages to Register in Ireland

Ireland is also becoming increasingly attractive as a holding company location for foreign investors particularly where it is combined with a trading activity such as headquarter activities, treasury or research & development:

Why do so many multinational corporations have international headquarters in Ireland?

Ireland is a member of the European Union and the European Economic Area (the “Euro Zone”) which allows for easy trade of services and products throughout the EU, as well as other supports available from agencies supporting businesses in the area.

In Ireland, a limited liability company enjoys low corporate tax rates & beneficial cash flow. Ireland’s Corporate Tax Rate of 12.5% is one of the lowest in the World. A 0% rate is also available, though subject to conditions and the benefit is limited to the number of employers PRSI paid on staff salaries. You may also qualify for tax incentives for holding/headquarter companies and benefit from the Network of Double Tax Treaties that reduce withholding taxes.

Government Policies in Ireland favour foreign investment, including R&D activities through IDA Ireland, Shannon Development and Enterprise Ireland. In fact, it has been a historical situation that has made the advantages to register in Ireland so strong.

Irish Limited Partnership
The Tax Planning Opportunity for your
International Business

Irish Limited partnership – the tax planning opportunities are in your favour.

Irish limited partnership is a convenient and effective business tool. Its popularity has only increased in the past few years.

What are the Advantages to Register in Ireland with a limited partnership?

The advantages of registering a limited partnership in Ireland:

  • No residency requirement for partners
  • Corporate entities can act as partners
  • Minimal contribution by each partner can be as low as 1 euro
  • No requirement for the contributions to be paid up
  • The partnership does not pay corporate tax in Ireland if its partners are not Irish residents and the partnership’s activity is outside of the jurisdiction

advantages to register in ireland

How TBA can Help You!

Should you wish to register or consider Ireland as the jurisdiction where to register your International Business Company, our Business Development Team will be ready and available to provide you with all relevant information about Ireland Advantages and Pricing.

The procedure of company registration in Ireland must be done in accordance with the Companies Act. At the beginning of 2015, the Commercial Code was amended and modernized in order to aid foreign investors wanting to open companies in the country.

Among the Irish Companies Act’s amendments, one refers to the replacement of limited liability companies with new types of business structures. However, foreign entrepreneurs can also choose to set up other types of business entities such as partnerships and sole proprietorships.

Foreign companies have the possibility of opening subsidiaries or branch offices in this country and our Business Development Team will be ready and available to provide you with full assistance.

The Companies Act mentions the following legal entities which can be incorporated as limited companies:

Private company limited by shares (LTD) – the liability of the shareholder is limited to the number of shares he or she owns in the company;

Designated activity company (DAC)  limited by shares  – the management of the business can carry out only specific activities, as mentioned in the statutory documents;

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