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TBA specialises in advising clients on the selection of the most suitable onshore or offshore company jurisdiction for their international business. A tailor-made solution based on each Client’s own personal and business needs can be a complex task and requires careful planning and execution. We therefore encourage our clients to contact us directly, without obligation. We will be very pleased to assist with advice on how to approach your particular challenge.

The information provided below will introduce you to both onshore and offshore company jurisdictions.

To select one of our multilingual offices, click here for a list of our office contact details and request that a consultant calls you back.

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Where to Incorporate?

The selection of the most suitable jurisdiction for either international trade or investment can often be difficult and requires very careful consideration. Most offshore jurisdictions are free from foreign exchange controls and have introduced company legislation to cater for a diverse range of international business requirements. It is important to select a jurisdiction that is well-suited to specific corporate and personal needs.

Moreover, of all the choices you make when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure you select for your company.

Not only will this decision have an impact on how much you pay in taxes, it will affect the amount of paperwork your business is required to do, the personal liability you face and your ability to raise money.

> The most suitable jurisdictions where to incorporate

Worldwide Jurisdictions

Going Offshore

An ‘Offshore’ company is simply a corporation or a Limited Liability Company which was ‎‎registered in a jurisdiction which is not the place of residence of its founders.

It is important that everyone understands that there is no difference ‎between an offshore and an LLC company, as long as the company is registered and operates within the ‎frames of the OECD regulations.

Although ‎International Business Company Formation is not favored by the government, it is completely legal.

The motivations for individuals and corporations to utilize offshore planning and offshore companies include the desire to reduce tax, protect assets, manage risk, maintain privacy, avoid bureaucracy, reduce costs and enhance assets, amongst others.

> The Offshore Advantages


New Offshore Solutions

The Offshore, the Developed countries and Tax Authorities

Of course, there are times when an offshore company can be used to close a one-off deal if both your trading partners and the relevant tax office feel happy about the arrangement, or they are not located, most usually, within Europe,

Even though the image of an offshore company has taken such a battering over the years, this does not mean that an offshore company is all but useless for the international entrepreneur.

Near-zero tax trading is still possible through an offshore company, but keeping a low profile is essential. Whilst the minute legal details call for specialist knowledge, the underlying idea is usually simplicity itself – it involves the use of a respectable onshore company to front transactions.

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Some Case Studies

A few examples:
BVI, Hong Kong, Mauritius, US LLC, Cyprus

Ireland, United Kingdom

It’s a complex world and different situations demand different responses.

So, you need the right international trade solutions at your disposal – to help you manage credit risk, finance transactions or keep your business under a proper tax-planning structure, from wherever you do business.

TBA offer you the global network, services and expertise you need.

Our global network, long-standing trade expertise and complete range of international trade solutions can meet all your in-country, regional or global trade service’s needs, and fit your operational requirements.

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Tax Planning Solutions

We are here to help structure
your organisation and transactions
to maximize tax efficiencies and

Minimize risk.

Smart, effective tax planning is an essential component of virtually every successful business transaction.

Tax planning is a process individuals, businesses, and organizations use to evaluate their financial profile, with the aim of minimizing the amount of taxes paid on personal income or business profit.

Opportunities arise when you work internationally, your business trades internationally or when you invest internationally.

In the globalized world, tax planning structures have become available for small and medium sized businesses. You might not be able to achieve the same tax planning results as the big multinationals, but with our help and depending on your situation you should be able to slice a substantial amount off your tax bill.

> Maximize tax efficiencies and minimize risk

With our network of tax specialists
We advise on business strategies
In more than 30 countries

Asset Protection Solutions

We believe that wealth protection planning should be an essential component in the development of financial strategies of all who have achieved, or aspire to attain, independent financial success and for those who are fortunate to have inherited family wealth.

With tax specialists in more than 30 countries, we advise on business strategies

Unless the proper techniques of wealth protection are applied, much of that wealth will be lost in coming years through the failure of benefactors and their advisors to take the appropriate steps to protect the asset base from a variety of risks and contingencies.

One of the pillars of protecting assets from judgements is the offshore asset protection trust. Even if a monetary judgment is rendered against you, your assets can be safe and sound using the powerful international asset protection trust laws in the Cook Islands or Belize for example

> The most effective Asset Protection Solutions

At TBA we can help you to create wealth, protect assets and extract capital from your
business in the most tax efficient manner.


A Trust is one of the most flexible existing financial mechanisms, able to handle almost any purpose.

Its concept is based on the separation of legal ownership of the Trust assets (which rests with the Trustees) from the beneficial ownership (which rests with the beneficiaries). It has been specially designed to achieve the best asset protection.

A Trust is a legal device that allows title to – and possession of – property (asset) to be held, used and/or managed by one person, the trustee, for the benefit of another different person or group, the beneficiaries.

> Check all related information about how and where to register a Trust

Our Trusts are specially designed Trusts that
can effectively protect the Settlor’s assets.

Wealth Planning

TBA offers a specialized service in wealth protection planning

We believe that wealth protection planning should be an essential component in the development of financial strategies of all who have achieved, or aspire to attain, independent financial success and for those who are fortunate to have inherited family wealth.

Modern day financial planning is incomplete without due consideration of wealth protection issues.

Unless the proper techniques of wealth protection are applied, much of that wealth will be lost in coming years through the failure of benefactors and their advisors to take the appropriate steps to protect the asset base from a variety of risks and contingencies.

> TBA services in Wealth protection planning

We assist professionals and their clients to develop appropriate asset protection strategies to preserve wealth

Private Foundations

No Reporting Requirements or Taxes
Anonymous Ownership and Control

The Councilor and Beneficiaries need not be publicly registered

Any Private Family Foundation must be created with a charitable “intent.” The Foundation is managed by a Councilor or executive director that oversees the Foundation’s investments and distributes the Foundation’s assets.

You can even appoint yourself as the Councilor of your own Foundation. This way, you maintain control over the assets contained in the Foundation. Instead of making a one-time gift to a public charity (and losing control of that gift), you can monitor your favourite charities. If one non-profit changes its focus, or if a more meaningful cause comes along, you can reallocate your Foundation’s support.

Foundations may be established for the benefit of a person or persons, a family, or a specific social purpose

> Advantages and Uses of Private Interest Foundations

Holding Companies

Holding companies can substantially reduce
the taxable profit of the subsidiary companies,

by invoicing the subsidiaries in respect of their activities

Multinational companies may decide to establish a holding company for a range of reasons.

For example, a holding company may be an efficient vehicle to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group, to allow the reduction of risk for the owners and thus allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies or, amongst others, to provide tax efficiency in relation to withholding taxes on dividends and taxes on capital gains.

Choosing the appropriate location for a holding company is a complex procedure—involving consideration of business, economic, logistical and operational requirements.

Choosing the right jurisdiction for a holding company, you need to consider (a) taxation of incoming dividends; (b) corporate income tax on received dividends; and (c) taxation of ongoing dividends.

> Advantages of Holding Companies

Intellectual Property

How should I protect my IP?

Your company’s intellectual property, whether that’s patents, trade secrets or just employee know-how, may be more valuable than its physical assets.

IP includes but is not limited to proprietary formulas and ideas, inventions (products and processes), industrial designs, and geographic indications of source, as well as literary and artistic works such as novels, films, music, architectural designs and web pages.

For many companies, such as those in the pharmaceutical business, IP is much more valuable than any physical asset.

TBA, in conjunction with specialist law firms, can arrange for the right patents, trademarks and copyright solutions.

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Financial Services Provider

TBA is an experienced company formation agent, with wide experience in all major jurisdictions across the globe.

From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, TBA & Associates dedicated financial services team serve all major sectors of the industry.

With in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction, our professional team has been highly successfully helping customers creating and managing their own financial business companies worldwide.

Our work draws on more than 18 years of experience, delivered by dozens of professionals in the world’s most important financial centers.

> Get yourself licensed as a Financial services Provider

The experts at TBA will guide you
On the most appropriate jurisdiction
For the set-up of your Finance Entity

Some of the jurisdictions where TBA can help you!

New Zealand – FSPR and FMA Isle of Man – Cryptocurrency & ICO Vanuatu – Forex Brokers Georgia – Cryptocurrency & ICO


Become a Regulated and Registered Bitcoin Trader

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which makes use of peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority. It is a technology which enables functions not possible when using other payment systems.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency in the world, which has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

Should you wish to start your own legal and licensed bitcoin exchange business, Contact Us!
TBA will provide you all the support and advice you need to consider before you launch your own bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange and help you setting up both a licensed crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto exchange companies and registering your ICO (initial coin offering) company.

> Become a Regulated and Registered Digital Currency Trader in the Isle of Man and in Georgia

TBA is ready to assist you!
Applying for your Cryptocurrency Registration
In the Isle of Man and Georgia
Both in Europe

Offshore FOREX License

Your Simple Solution to Profit from the Financial Industry

Become a Regulated and Registered Bitcoin Trader

Money (FOREX) broking license is that license, which is tightly governed and regulated by countries across the globe. It is getting more and more difficult for broking firms to enter in to new regions as the regulatory requirements have become more stringent.

Choosing the right jurisdiction for setting up the FOREX broking firm is very crucial as the success of the business greatly rely on this factor. An efficient and dependable regulatory body is essential for the FX broker’s success as the ever-changing challenges of the financial market has to be well tackled.

Because of our direct contacts in foreign jurisdictions, we can obtain forex broker licenses with minimal paid up capital. Moreover, we can obtain the licenses within a relatively short time. With a forex license one can legally offer forex trading, subject to your legal counsel’s advice.

> Want to Start a Forex Brokerage?

That is where TBA can help you obtain your own forex trading license.


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“TBA website is very clear and informative. The various information sections covered most of the queries I had, and the response to my email questions was prompt and answered my questions exactly. The actual company formation process was easy to follow and complete correctly.” Alex, Auckland
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TBA & Associates Procedures & Compliance

TBA & Associates Procedures & Compliance

Whilst we respect and honor all our clients’ confidentiality, TBA is committed to undertake full and thorough due diligence on our clients’ identities, place of residence and nature of their businesses.

To this regard, we need to be fully appraised of both the objective diagram behind the establishment of corporate structure and its modus operandi

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