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Offshore Incorporation Globally
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If you also seek to plan your affairs to maximize tax efficiency and to protect your wealth, then you should be talking to us. TBA & Associates specialises in tailor-made wealth preservation solutions and provides tax efficient structures to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Our team of specialists with their constant presence and guidance will enable you to make wise decisions and choices relating to offshore incorporation globally.

Why work with TBA?

We help you grow your business
across international border and achieve financial efficiency conducting your affairs under absolute confidentiality

Offshore business experts
Fast and efficient execution Strong executive team Integrity and due diligence Dedicated customer relationship

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Where to incorporate?

It is always important to Select a Jurisdiction
Well-suited to your specific Corporate and Personal needs!

With TBA,
entering International Markets is easy!

The selection of the most suitable jurisdiction for either
International trade or Investment
Can often be difficult and requires careful consideration

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Company Formation Services!

The New “Offshore” Solutions

In many circumstances, it is not desirable to raise invoices
in the name of an exotic offshore company
nor is it possible to ask your clients or trading partners
to make payments to a bank in an offshore tax haven!

Setting up the company or to register company is now not a problem any more and with so many advantages in the tax haven, make sure open a company in the offshore location.

That’s the Basic Now!

Tax authorities of high-tax nations are aware that
offshore companies can be used for illegal tax evasion
by businesses that need to “reduce” their taxable profits before year-end!

The New “Offshore” Solutions

The Offshore
The Developed countries &
Tax Authorities

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Shelf Readymade and Aged Companies

Shelf Companies allow you to engage into Business
without having to go through the long waiting period of
establishing a brand-new corporation!
The acquisition of an offshore shelf company
is fast, simple and offers essential advantages

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Company available within a few hours
Immediate legal capacity
No liability or risk
No debts or obligations
No previous activity

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Bank Account Opening Services

We consider a company to be
practically useless, unless
it holds a corporate bank account!
We have developed
a banking network and expertise
which enable us to open accounts for
all Company we register


TBA has one of the
World’s largest Banking Networks!

Our professional status as “International Corporate Service Provider”
and our signing of a good conduct charter, give us the status of
“Eligible Introducer”
As a result, opening an account and managing the application file are much simpler and …
We can open bank accounts remotely for the majority of banks we work with

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Tax Planning Solutions

We are here to help structure
Your organisation and transactions
To maximize tax efficiency and Minimize risk

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Tax planning is a process individuals, businesses, and organizations use to optimize their financial profile, minimising the amount of taxes paid on personal income or business profit.
If you’re operating across borders, or competing in multiple jurisdictions, complying with local tax laws, reporting requirements,

… TBA Team will be here and Ready to Help and Guide You!

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Asset Protection Structures

At TBA we can help you creating wealth,
Protecting assets and extracting capital
From your business in the most tax efficient manner


Should you be considering protecting your assets from creditor claims, individuals and/or business entities, and limiting creditors’ access to certain valuable assets, …

TBA will advise on the most effective asset protection structure, in a legal manner, applicable to your specific case and, … most importantly, helping you building the right structure before a claim or liability occurs, since it is usually too late to initiate any worthwhile protection after the fact.

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Private Trusts

incorporation services globally
The Strongest Asset Protection Tools
Our Trusts are specially designed Trusts
That can effectively protect the Settlor’s assets

TBA Trust Services


A Trust is one of the most flexible existing financial mechanisms, with a concept based on the separation of legal ownership of the Trust assets (which rests with the Trustees) from the beneficial ownership (which rests with the beneficiaries).

It has been specially designed to achieve the best asset protection.

Where to register your Asset Protection Trust!

BVI Trust

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Cook Islands Trust

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Gibraltar Trust

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Isle of Man Trust

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Jersey Trust

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Liechtenstein Trust

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Mauritius Trust

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Nevis Trust

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New Zealand Trust

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Panama Trust

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Wealth Planning Solutions

TBA offers a specialised service in Wealth Protection Planning
We assist professionals and their clients to develop
Appropriate Asset Protection Strategies to Preserve Wealth
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Unless the proper techniques of wealth protection are applied
much of your wealth can be lost in coming years
due to the failure to take the appropriate steps to protect your assets!
TBA offers a specialised service in wealth protection planning!

Holding Company

Holding companies can substantially
Reduce the taxable profit of the subsidiary companies
By invoicing the subsidiaries in respect of their activities

Holding Advantages


A holding company usually collects the dividends (profits after tax) of the subsidiary company as free from tax as possible.

In addition, further distributions from the holding companies, in best-case scenarios, they are full tax exempted – no tax on dividends being paid to the shareholders.

Where to register your Holding Company! Offshore Incorporation Globally

Holding Company

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Holding Company

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Hong Kong
Holding Company

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Ireland, Rep.
Holding Company

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Isle of Man
Holding Company

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Holding Company

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Holding Company

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Holding Company

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Holding Company

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United Kingdom
Holding Company

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Private Foundations

Succession Planning!
Tax Planning!
Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection!
No Reporting Requirements or Taxes
Anonymous Ownership and Control
Offshore Incorporation Globally

Private Foundations are often used by people who wish to control and hold ownership of foreign corporations.

Instead of holding the corporations’ shares in their personal name, they establish a Private Interest Foundation that holds or owns the shares of their foreign corporation(s), thus avoiding the CFC reporting rules.

Hence, the advantage of using the Foundation as a shareholder is that the Foundation does not have owners, rather has privately appointed beneficiaries, which are anonymous.